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JOHN MAVROUDIS is an artist who has created heart-stoppingly brilliant award-winning covers for TIME magazine, The New Yorker, and more. Also, Susannah went to high school with him! If you went to Granada Hills High School or love art, this is a must-listen!

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What a joy to dive into art making with Samantha Wall. Born in Seoul, South Korea, and now living in Portland, Samantha is represented at Russo Lee Gallery, and is courageously and beautifully expressing her life in her drawings. Don't miss this interview!

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This week, Susanna talks to Leah Kohlenberg of Portland Open Studios; this year the Portland Open Studios curators are Arvie Smith, Victor Maldonado and Donna Guardino.We discuss the roadblocks of visual arts and how to overcome - in order to create.

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Susannah chats with Jacob Halverson, General Manager of The Society Hotel about the upcoming collaboration between The Society Hotel and artist Jen Fuller for the Portland Winter Light Festeval.

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Susannah chats with John Cline about his gallery opening at 12x16 Gallery.

About John Cline: 
6TH GENERATION ALABAMIAN WHO HAS SURVIVED A POISONOUS SNAKE BITE, BOARDING SCHOOL AND TWO CLOSE CALLS WITH OPEN WILD FIRES.  After a severe bike accident in the fall of 2016, I chose to begin drawing again, on a daily basis, for the first time in 15 years.  Over the course of the last 9 months, I’ve created over a hundred finished pieces and managed to schedule 4 gallery shows in the next 6 months.

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Meet Chris Shuck, Head of School, and Sean Cain, Visual Art Department chair at NW Academy. We talk about artistic process and product through the lens of education; fascinating!  Also, don't miss Sean Cain's exhibit at Russo Lee Gallery. And, opening the podcast is a song written and performed by Dani Kardon, just graduated from NW Academy!

Northwest Academy is an accredited co-ed college preparatory day school located in Portland’s downtown cultural district.

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Susannah chats with Tom Cramer during his installation of his latest showing at Roche Bobois Portland Showroom opening this First Thursday June 4th. Tom Cramer referenced all sorts of fascinating books and artists, poke around and see what you can find about: Peter Blake, Mark Rothko, John Burger, who wrote Ways of Seeing, Erwin Panofsky who wrote Tomb Scultpture, Cy Twombly, Douglas Sirk, Jeff Wall, Brian Eno and visit the Augen Gallery.

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Don't miss this fascinating conversation about food as art.

Meet Katrina Sarson host of Oregon Art Beat who introduced Susannah to Jared Goodman of Morgan St. Theatre and Sarah Hart of Alma Chocolates to talk about their food and their art and the April 13th episode of Oregon Art Beat.


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Laura Russell

It's An Adventure in Artslandia embarrassment-of-riches kind of day!

First, there's the Hotel DeLuxe Tea Party; Meet Shelley McLendon, a real mover and shaker of the Portland comedy scene. She’s the mastermind behind Bad Reputation Productions, which will open The Lost Boys October 14th.  A member of several of the city’s top sketch groups, including the Aces and the Liberators, she's also the proprietress of the Siren Theater.  She's invited Loren Hoskins, aka Captain Bogg to join her tea time. 

Then, learn about the book Dead Feminists: Historic Heroines In Living Color, by Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring, which consists of a series of broadsides and stories of extraordinary, ordinary women.  The series features quotes by historical feminists, tied in with current political and social issues. You can see their work at 23 Sandy Gallery. Then listen to my chat with 23 Sandy Gallery owner, Laura Russell,

 These interviews are so fascinating, you might be glad there's traffic to contend with this week!

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