Living superhero Mary Kathryn Nagle is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation, and the playwright of Crossing Mnisose, which was commissioned as part of Portland Center Stage at The Armory's Northwest Stories series. The play has its world premiere in April. Nagle manages to have her feet firmly planted in some of the most traumatic untold stories of American history and remains active and hopeful for the future in her work toward ending domestic violence and sexual assault and at the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. Need inspiration? Here it is.

Frequently praised for the timbre of her voice, Hannah Penn stars in Portland Opera’s As One, a stunning coming-of-age story in which two voices—a mezzo-soprano and a baritone—share the role of transgender heroine Hannah. Discover behind-the-scenes details and more as Hannah talks about this “one woman show played by two people.” Opens at Newmark Theatre on March 22.

March 6, 2019

Ashley Roland of BodyVox

Dance the night away at the Solid Gold Disco Ball with BodyVox on March 9th! Ashley Roland, co artistic director, will share Master of Ceremonies duties and talks about how she shakes her groove thing, encourages the culture of YES, and creates an artistic community in BodyVox’s upcoming piece The Pearl Dive Project, opening on April 4th.

February 20, 2019

Jamey Hampton of BodyVox

Take a trip into dance-making, with Artistic Directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland at BodyVox. They've invited a group of creatives, none of whom have ever worked in dance before. “What will happen when artists and innovators working at the peak of their profession immerse themselves in a craft they’ve never considered?” The Pearl Dive Project melds creative worlds in a collaboration of movement and ideas, the likes of which have never been seen. Don't forget that BodyVox has partner restaurants that offer discounts for a fantastic date night!

Written by Anya Pearson and directed by Jamie M. Rea, Made to Dance in Burning Buildings is a fusion of poetry, theater, and violent and visceral contemporary dance. Meet the creators as they discuss the premise of the work: how do we heal from trauma? Onstage February 15–March 16 at Shaking The Tree Theatre.

The Oregon Symphony continues to push the boundaries of a symphony concert experience in thrilling way. Enjoy a peek into the 2019/20 season with Music Director Carlos Kalmar. Don’t miss out on being a part!

Meet Susan Moore, Literary Arts Director of Programs for Writers, and Cheryl Strayed, best-selling author. Strayed will be hosting Literary Arts' 2019 Oregon Book Awards Ceremony on April 22. Her Tiny Beautiful Things is onstage through March 31 at Portland Center Stage at The Armory.

Meet wondrous performing artists Emma Fulmer and David VanDyke, members of Oregon Children's Theatre's Young Professionals Company. They will performing in Impulse, OCT's 12th annual improv show. Impulse runs 2/8-2/24 at the OCT YP Studio Theater. Performances are Fri/Sat at 7 pm and 2 pm shows on Sundays.

Susannah gathers Lawrence Howard and Lynne Duddy, founders of Portland Story Theater––the premier storytelling organization in the Pacific Northwest––with storyteller Warren McPherson to explore the art of storytelling and its role in community building. Check it out, and then catch McPherson's upcoming show at the Fertile Ground Festival! Catch _You Were Supposed To Be This Great Thing_, February 2, 2019, at The Old Church Concert Hall and visit for Portland Story Theater's current offerings.

Today Susannah chats with the lovely Violeta Picayo who will be playing Margaret Dashwood in Portland Center Stage at The Armory's Sense and Sensibility. Of this production, NY Times' Ben Brantley said: "Pray do not be alarmed, gentle readers, but I am here to tell you that Jane Austen has been pumped full of helium." Take the ride at Portland Center Stage, previewing on January 12th.

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