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Join Suasannah for her monthly Hotel DeLuxe Tea Party!

Guests include: 
Asae Dean of Salt and Sage,
Michelle Fuji of Unit Souzou, and
Ayanna Berkshire resident actress at
Artists Repertory Theatre.

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Susannah is at the Hotel Deluxe for tea and a chat about what it means to be an artist in the new year. Guests include: Doug Detrick, Samson Syharath, Dmae Roberts, and Veronica Nunez. Thank you  Hotel Deluxe and David, our waiter extraordinaire! Included is an embarrassment of art event riches to mine, exciting, passion filled events. Take a leap and see the work of a company that you haven’t seen before.

Here are some of the companies and show sites referenced in the podcast:


Portland Actors Conservatory

Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble

Theatre Diaspora



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Great conversation and tea time at The Hotel Deluxe! Now is the time to support art organizations, listen here and find out why. Join Susannah with Bob Hicks, Jose Gonzalez, Damaso Rodriguez, Beth Harper, Chantal DeGroat, and Darrell Grant.

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Susannah chats with Grant Byington who stars in Richard Bean’s internationally acclaimed One Man, Two Guvnors, which is now open at Lakewood Theatre. Songs by Grant Olding, the British comedy is based on an Italian play, The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldini, and transports the classic conundrums of a harlequin hero from 1740s Florence to 1960s Brighton, keeping the age-old traditions of one of the most revered theatre forms—commedia dell’arte. It weaves together elements of improvisation, pantomime, stand-up comedy and music hall revue, and is a hilarious tapestry of wit, slapstick and intrigue.

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It's An Adventure in Artslandia embarrassment-of-riches kind of day!

First, there's the Hotel DeLuxe Tea Party; Meet Shelley McLendon, a real mover and shaker of the Portland comedy scene. She’s the mastermind behind Bad Reputation Productions, which will open The Lost Boys October 14th.  A member of several of the city’s top sketch groups, including the Aces and the Liberators, she's also the proprietress of the Siren Theater.  She's invited Loren Hoskins, aka Captain Bogg to join her tea time. 


Then, learn about the book Dead Feminists: Historic Heroines In Living Color, by Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring, which consists of a series of broadsides and stories of extraordinary, ordinary women.  The series features quotes by historical feminists, tied in with current political and social issues. You can see their work at 23 Sandy Gallery. Then listen to my chat with 23 Sandy Gallery owner, Laura Russell,


 These interviews are so fascinating, you might be glad there's traffic to contend with this week!

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Join Artslandia Editor-In-Chief Misty Tompoles at Hotel DeLuxe for the first of many Tea-time podcasts with Susannah Mars. 

We mention the spot where we did a team building exercise, and couldn’t recall the name? It was Labyrinth in Portland.

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